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Solar Panel Faqs

1. What are the benefits of having a home battery? How much will it save me?

A: The benefits a household will receive will depend on a number of factors including your location, the size of your solar panel system and your energy plan. A Battery storage system can store excess solar-generated energy from a solar panels, or energy sourced from the grid, for use at a later time.

The stored energy can be used for FREE instead of importing electricity from the grid, so depending on your electricity tariff, you may be able to take advantage of using your battery when prices are at their highest.

2. How much storage can I have?

A: Battery storage systems are stackable from 2.4kwh to 9.6kwh, each battery compartment holds two battery units of 2.4kwh, So just connect and grow your system from 2.4kwh / 4.8kwh / 7.2kwh / 9.6kwh.

3. Can you tell me how much the battery system will cost?

A: There are many different battery storage system options. Please contact us for a price.

4. Do solar panels work when the sun isn't shining?

A: The truth is that electricity is still produced by solar panels on cloudy days and also during winter. Although maximum efficiency is reached when the sun is shining with clear skies.

5. What are the financing options?

A: There are three options
1. Purchase your system outright
2. Use a loan or finance to purchase your system.
3. Sign a power purchase agreement for free installation but pay a reduced rate than your electricity bill for the energy generated * commercial projects only subject to survey.

Battery Storage FAQ's

1. How long is the warranty on a battery?

A: There is 10 year warranty on the battery storage which includes a 4000 battery cycle life.

2. How long will the battery storage system last?

A: The battery Packs are guaranteed to last a minimum of 4000 cycles, So based on one full cycle per day this would be 10.95 years. However  however it would be very rare that a typical home would do a full cycle on a day to day basis. This is because of short days in the winter and very long days of daylight in the summer, a typical cycle pattern per year would be around  260 full cycles, meaning the expected lifetime would be around 15 years.

3. How does the battery storage system work ?

A: Battery storage lets you store the surplus solar electricity, instead of exporting it to the grid. It also lets you use more of your solar PV system’s output ( increases self-consumption). This reduces the amount of grid electricity you need to buy and saves you money on your electricity bill. During the day:
• The solar PV system generates solar electricity
• The battery storage system will check if all the generation is being used to power your lights and appliances
• If you are not using all the electricity that the solar PV system will generate, then the system will ensure that any surplus energy is used to charge the battery
• Once the battery is fully charged & there is still more solar electricity being generated, this will be exported to the grid.

In the evening or at time of low solar generation:
• The solar PV panels have a reduced output.
• The battery system can discharge the stored electricity, providing you with renewable-generated electricity at no additional cost.
• Once the battery is discharged and you need to use more electricity then you buy it from your electricity supplier.
• Depending on what energy plan you are on, our system can be programmed to charge from the grid at of peak times.

A: Yes, We are offering the home battery storage system to old and new customers. Here, system sizing is important to enable yourself to get the best return of investment back within the quickest time frame. So its slightly more complicated than just adding batteries.

Typically, an average home uses around 12.5kWhrs per day or 4,500kWhrs per annum.
Most homes that have existing solar PV have from 2.0kwp to 4kwp installed which can generate anything from 1800kWhrs to 4000kWhrs per annum which means there is only so much generated energy you can store.

DECC (department of energy and Climate Change) tell us that we typically only use between 20% and 30% of rooftop solar energy. With intelligent system sizing we can bring the level of self-consumption up to 70%/80% and the levels of imported energy to a bare minimum. If you already own a solar pv system why not contact us to discuss the benefits of battery storage?

5. Where does the battery storage system get installed in the home?

A: The battery storage system is designed to be wall mounted or ground mounted,. Our certified installers will talk you through appropriate locations during a pre-installation site inspection at you home. Nothing will be installed without full and final approval by the householder.

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