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Offending items at home

With millions of UK homes facing a surge in energy bills,

experts across the UK have also been trying their best

to highlight the best ways to save energy at home.

Our very own in house energy consultant Zish Ellahi says

‘the best way to save energy is don’t use it in the first place’

However when at home, there’s some items that we just can’t live

without so Zish has made a list of offending items:

Wet appliances

These include washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers.

Now by many experts these are classed as the worse offending items

But many people don’t know that some of these have an eco function.

The eco function on these appliances is designed to save water and as a

result use less energy. If you don’t have an eco function then you can

always wash at a lower temperature of 30 degrees. This will help both

your wallet and the environment.


These include TV’s and games consoles. Most people that we give energy

Saving tips and advice to now, already know that keeping these items switched

off rather than standby can save £’s off your annual bills. If you didn’t know this,


Also when upgrading check the energy labels as some items are more energy

efficient than others.

Cooking Appliances

Quite simple to understand this category and again the same principle as

above applies, SWITCH OFF – NOT STANDBY

Fridges & Freezers

When upgrading check energy efficiency levels as some are more energy efficient

than others. If you have an older appliance then ensure that the door is closed

and the seal is intact as this acts as a barrier between the cold air inside and

warm air outside.


How many times growing up did our parents tell us to turn the lights off

when we left our bedroom? Well they weren’t wrong. Today this

principle still applies, even though light bulbs are more energy efficient

keeping them off when not needed helps reduce your energy bill.

When upgrading consider LED light bulbs as these are even more efficient.

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