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Solar Panels offer hope to UK energy consumers

Homeowners are installing solar panels as a method to try and reduce the strain on their wallets as energy costs start to rise once more.

The average annual dual-fuel payment will increase to £1,971 starting in the spring due to the most recent modification to the regulator’s cap on default pricing, a 54% increase from present levels.

And as more people work from home, they use more energy during the day. As a result, many homes are considering adding solar panels to reduce costs and possibly even make money from the energy they produce.

As a result us here at UK Energy Grants Ltd have opened a new division called solaronfinance. This offers a solar option to those who don’t qualify for any grants. The prices we can get are competitive but the quality we have built our principles has not changed. This means you can rest assured that you will get a decent package from us.

Solar energy is converted into electricity by solar panels. More electricity is produced when the sun is stronger; this electricity can either be consumed in your home or exported to the national grid.

However, installing them is expensive. The average bill is close to £6,500 and prices are increasing as a result of growing labour costs and a lack of photovoltaic panels. The pound is now also weak on International markets, which means costs of solar panels are likely to rise. With the installer network at our disposal at UK Energy Grants we have ensured that stock levels are high and our prices can remain competitive for now.

The cost of a battery, which enables the storage of solar energy for later use, is not included in this figure. According to our research, solar battery storage costs can range from £1,200 to £6,000.

Although the cost of solar systems has decreased over the past ten years, according to Newby, the recent shortfall of Chinese panels and the rising cost of labour have caused prices to rise once again. “That’s due to a slight increase in material prices, but labour is primarily to blame. That is a sizable portion of the job.

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